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Spinning vinyl for people, brands and organizations making a difference.


DJ Love Doctor began spinning vinyl in the early 1970’s, playing her parents’ five records. She went on to host a radio show at Bowdoin college in the late 80’s. In the early 90’s she was a Boom Box DJ for roller skaters in New York City’s Central Park. She has been playing jock jams throughout Vermont at hockey games for the past 15 years. DJ Love Doctor plays an eclectic mix of old and new school, hip hop, soul, folk, funk, rock and reggae. She plays for brands, people and organizations that are making a difference. Many of DJ Love Doctor’s events are fundraisers for non-profit organizations. The goal of every set she plays is to create the perfect vibe, unleashing positive, healing energy.

DJ Love Doctor is a wellness leader who teaches and practices yoga, Reiki healing and is an advocate for a better consumer experience in health care. DJ Love Doctor is married to her soulmate and lives in Vermont with her twin boys and her amazing cat Fluffy. She holds a doctoral degree from NYU.

Her DJ name is inspired by her preponderance for match making and the Romain Virgo song “Love Doctor.”

DJ Love Doctor collaborates with and supports other DJs. She started GirlsGoneVinylVT, and is part of the female DJ collective Samaseta Sisters.